High Gloss Problems Cured With Schubox Technology

Paul Glover Furniture Ltd produces a range of high quality bespoke cabinets and furniture design. Their discerning clients require the perfect quality finish each time and with the growing volume of high gloss polyester and polyurethane finishes, there had to be an answer for reducing the bottleneck in the spray shop.
After seeing and testing a Schubox gas catalytic infra red drying system in use at another customer spraying high gloss lacquer, Paul Glover knew what impact having his own Schubox set-up would have.

A dedicated side-loading flash-off section and Schubox drying system was ordered and 6 weeks later was delivered to site. A two man team from Schuberts installed, commissioned and trained the staff in a total of 4 days and Glovers haven’t looked back.
The Glovers production is carefully sprayed by hand in an enclosed spray shop before being placed onto racks and then placed into the flash-off zone.
The flash-off section takes solvent laden air through at ATEX rated fan set into the Schubox for oxidisation through the catalytic process. Once the pieces are flashed-off, they are placed inside the Schubox for curing at 35c for 20 minutes.

The Schubox systems are available in many guises, including using fully ATEX rated emitters that are suitable for a zone 1 location use inside and outside the Schubox, flash-off pre-chambers, automatic doors and connection to new or existing spray shops.

For more information call 01226 360900 or email sales@schuberts.co.uk