Schubox® Catalytic IR Drying System

The most used and widely recognised IR catalytic drying system around the world – “Experience that counts”.

Comprises of easy to assemble insulated fire-check panels forming a box, with highly reflective stainless steel interior, fitted where applicable, with ATEX compliant flameless catalytic infra red panels.
NB. We use a range of catalytic emitters that carry full CE and the new ATEX certification for use in hazardous locations (zone 1 and zone 2)

Each Schubox® drying oven is fitted with a roof mounted air filter to ensure clean factory air is drawn into it.
Different door options available – Sliding, hinged and bi-fold.

Schubox® recirculation fan set can be standard, full ATEX rated or EX internals depending on type of coating used.

The Schubox® system works at low temperature – typically between 35c and 40c. This means that temperature sensitive substrates such as solid wood, veneers, plastics, composites etc do not have their structures affected. Traditional hot air systems require higher temperatures for longer periods and this will affect certain substrates with warping, twisting, delamination, reactivation of adhesives, structural weakness etc. This does not happen with the gas catalytic heating process in the Schubox®.

We have over 200 Schubox® installations all over the world, working with the full remit of wet surface coatings.