Schuberts Test Centre and Academy

A new phase for Schuberts, separate from any current manufacturing in Leeds, UK – we have launched a production sized, fully working test centre and training academy site, based north of Sheffield, UK. This really is a first in the coatings industry and underlines the commitment and flexibility of the business moving forward.

The equipment installed includes:-

  • Manual spray shop enclosure with clean air input and humidity control.
  • Flash-off zone.
  • Schubox gas catalytic infrared drying system, capable of running from 30c to 60c.
  • Overhead conveyor through spray shop, flash-off and Schubox, for hanging a wide range of components.
  • Paint mix room and equipment.
  • Kit-Cat drying zone.
  • Burst fire Schuburst IR test equipment.
  • Sandbox de-nibbing bench.
  • Flex-Trim brush sanding machine and cores.
  • Giardina profile sanding machine.
  • Giardina profile spray machine.
  • Giardina panel spray line with overspray recovery belt systems.
  • Giardina combination through-feed drying tunnel.
  • Gas catalytic pre-gel and curing for powdercoating lines.
  • Factory humidification system.

The test facility is designed to take a wide range of coating technologies from every industry and run production-levels of R&D and testing for clients.

The academy will allow customers to have their operators trained to certified and accredited standards for spraying/coating and the operators can learn about both manual and automatic coating methods, guns, pumps, and maintenance.