Emme Elle Srl High Gloss Polishing and Buffing Machinery With Schuberts UK

Schuberts are pleased to announce a new co-operation for the UK market with Emme Elle Srl, Barzano Italy.

Established in 1981, Emme Elle Srl have specialised in the production of both manual and fully automatic polishing and buffing machines.
With over 800 installations worldwide, they have concentrated on the fine-art of polishing, rather than modifying sanding machinery, for example. They have a clear approach to polishing and this has meant their equipment is second-to-none in terms of quality produced.

Their machinery is ideal for polishing high gloss doors, drawer fronts and profiles sprayed with polyester and polyurethane, as well as metal/steel substrates that require polished effects.
Their flexible production and experienced staff means they can create a tailored machine to the highest standards.

For more information see www.emmeelle.it and www.schuberts.co.uk



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