Schuburst® – Burst Fire Curing Systems

Full Cure in 10 Seconds!

Alongside their successful range of catalytic gas infra red drying systems (Schubox® and Kit-Cat®), spray booths and automatic application machines, Schuberts can now offer their new Schuburst® electric medium wave IR system to fully cure water-based paints and lacquers in as little as 10 seconds for each process (pre and post heating).
This drying technology is suited for the wood, metal and glass industries.

This means either much faster line speeds or much smaller foot print tunnels. Typically a mouldings line running at 25metres/minute the Schuburst preheat straight line tunnel is just 3.0m long. On high speed lines the tunnels can either be longitudinal or cross transfer type ovens.
On a 1300mm wide spray line retrofit, running at 6m/min the Schuburst® pre-heat and post heat tunnels are just 1.0m long, with the addition of a short cooling section after the post heat.
Can be installed into automatic, vacuum coating, spray, roller and curtain coating lines.

Suitable for pre-heating and/or post-heating of:-

  • MDF mouldings/panels
  • Solid wood mouldings/panels
  • Glass sheets
  • Steel sheeting