Roller / Curtain Coaters

Curtain coaters, roller coaters and brushing machines

Schuberts co-operate on the UK market with Giardina Finishing.

GIARDINA FINISHING was established in 1970. Its activity began with the production of CURTAIN COATERS and then with ROLLER COATERS and BRUSHING MACHINES for cleaning.

The quality of construction and longevity of the GIARDINA equipment is unsupassed. Key details have been designed into each and every component to ensure ease of use, maintenance and performance.

The use of UV coatings within industry have allowed GIARDINA to develop their own range of UV roller coaters and UV dryers for the glass and wood industries.

Both roller coater and curtain coater machines can be stand alone systems or linked to UV tunnels, Schuberts burst fire, or Schuberts gas catalytic technology for drying the paint/lacquers applied.