Manual Fully Enclosed Spray Shops

Complete Enclosed Spray Shops

Our complete enclosed spray shops allow the spray area to be isolated from the main production zone, creating a clean, dust-free environment in which to spray. Air pressure is controlled and regulated either manually or fully automatically. Clean filtered air brought into the spray zone via separate fan sets and ducting. Air make-up systems can either take factory air or external air supplies.

Our enclosed spray shops are totally flexible in size and can even be retro-fitted with extras, such as catalytic IR heaters, extra lighting, divider panels etc. The installations are available in either single skin or double skin insulated construction panels.

All enclosed Schubert spray shops can be designed to run as spray/bake systems with either downdraft or wall extract. Typical spray/bake spray booths will run up to 80c and have a full control panel system to run spray, bake, purge cycles. These systems are ideally suited to metal / aerospace / automotive processes.