Manual Spray Booths

A range of Industrial Spray Booth Solutions

As well as a standard range of open faced dry backed spray booths, we also offer industrial open spray booths and spray shops to individual customer requirements. Integration of drying systems into spray shops is a viable project. Both hot and cold filtered air replacement units can easily be integrated into existing factory zones.

Our open spray booths are custom built to the customer’s requirements. We offer a range of booths from 1.0m wide upwards and from 2.0m high upwards. Within reason, there is no maximum length to our open spray booths.

Constructed from folded galvanised mild steel panels 1.2 mm thick pre-formed with punched holes at 250 mm centres to present a smooth unbroken surface inside the Booth. Sealant is used in all joints to further create an airtight seal.
A fabricated stiffening beam is included across the centre of the booth, which will allow safe maintenance access to the roof for light bulb changing etc.
Ceiling of spray booth reinforced to take weight of air input system fans, plenum and steelwork.

Key advantages:-

  • We design, build, install and maintain.
  • Easy to keep clean and change Andreae corrugated filters.
  • Quick to install.
  • Various fan sets and ducting widths available.
  • Roof, rear or floor mounted extraction systems available.
  • Canopies and lighting as optional extras.