Overhead/Hanging Vertical Finishing Systems

Schuberts are able to offer turnkey installations for the GRP, joinery, hardwood flooring and allied markets, integrating various manual or automatic wet application systems, overhead conveyors and our own Catalytic IR drying and curing technology.

Typical systems can be for priming individual components, base coating assembled pieces and then a decorative joinery painted top coats.

We have vertical coating systems running in manual, semi automatic and fully automatic setups.

  • Manual.
  • Powered.
  • Power and free.
  • Flow coaters.
  • Manual, powered and ‘power and free’ monorail conveyors.
  • Reciprocators.
  • Personnel lift stations in spray booths.
  • Electrostatic coating systems.
  • 5 and 6 axis robotic spray systems
  • Recovery walls for waterbased paints.
  • Drying out vac-vac water or solvent based impregnated timber with gas catalytic IR technology.