Major UK Timber Merchant Installs New Makor Automatic Priming Line

One of the UK’s largest timber merchants and sawmills have just installed a new Makor priming line from Schubert Technical Services Ltd.

Over the last years, with rising costs and patchy quality from their external subcontractor, they decided to move their finishing in-house, raise the quality, have total control over stock and offer new finishes to their large customer base.

The Makor primer line, rather uniquely, is designed to spray and cure water-based paint on 3 or 4 sides in one pass. The spray line will take 5.0m max lengths, window board up to 250mm wide and pieces 100mm high. All this with a 10 minute colour change, at up to 35m/min line speed!

The spray machine is fitted with 6 automatic spray guns that actuate on and off exactly when the timber is passing through the machine. The guns can be isolated individually, so that only the right number are used for the correct profile. Any overspray is recovered in Teflon vats, filtered and reused once again. Not only can they spray pigmented primers onto softwood, but they can apply clear top coats onto hardwoods. In fact, any water-based paint they want, such is the flexibility of the Makor line. Traditional vacuum coaters could never hope to match the quality of sprayed finish, nor the flexibility of paint product through the Makor IRIDE 206 spray machine.

The in-line drying tunnel utilises special pulse electric infra-red elements to cure the paint in just 10 seconds on all 4 sides and with handling conveyors to suit, this really is a very special, flexible solution.

Their Group Production Director said “From the very start of the enquiry, both Schuberts and Makor have been able to demonstrate that this line would be an ideal place for our business to grow our ability to finish our own product. We were confident that they could deliver on every element of the proposal and after seeing other lines installed and full-scale tests, we didn’t hesitate to place the order. It opens so many doors to us now that the line is going to be kept very busy!”

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Arnold Lavers 004