Schuberts Install a New Giardina Automatic Glass Spray System at Esquire Glass

Founded in 1970 Esquire Glass has become one of the UK’s leading independent glass processors.

Their core business is in the production of processed glass panels for the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom industry. However, since 2002 substantial investment in a second factory and ‘state of the art’ glass processing plant has led to the company’s accelerated growth into new markets.

Their newest investment has been on a cutting edge finishing system from Giardina Group and their UK partners, Schuberts.








Running with waterbased coatings, the new Giardina system is capable of using both solid and far more difficult metallic colours. Fitted with 2 independent spray circuits, the switch between colours and coatings is very quick, meaning the customer can do both long and short runs of glass. All of the Wagner guns have the ability to run different tips and pressures, making the coating control very accurate.








The Dualtech 416 machine has full belt overspray recovery system, meaning wasted coating can be safely removed from the main belt, filtered and re-introduced into virgin mixes. The recovery system, unlike other systems relies on a series of rubber squeegees that gently, but effectively removes paint, rather than harsh metal blades that scrape and damage the belt over time. This guarantees the longevity of the Giardina belt.








The machine also boasts double filtration for the air input system, making the spray zone a clean zone, meaning reworks are a thing of the past.

On the extraction side, there are triple levels of filtration, ensuring incredibly low particulate emissions to atmosphere.

The touchscreen control panel gives the operators fine control over line speed, spray guns, circuits, pressures, gun heights and many other key parameters used for coating – all at the touch of a finger!








Once sprayed, the glass goes through a flash-off section and then on to a combination drying oven. The glass comes off the end of the line perfectly coated, dry and ready to handle and with a footprint of just 14m from end to end, it really is a compact, high production finishing system.








Paul Lockett, MD at Esquire says:-

“ Realising we (Esquire Glass) needed to be more flexible in the painting of our glass products, we spent last summer conducting due diligence on various systems. We found the Giardina system in collaboration with Schuberts UK to be the most effective for our needs. It was installed at the end of Jan ’18 and has already shown huge benefit by taking our production from 400 to 1600 pieces per shift. So far, we are very happy with the machine and are looking forward to developing it’s use over the coming year”

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UK Timber Door Manufacturer Goes the Schubox Route

One of the UK’s market leading supplier of wooden doors and associated products has just installed a new finishing system from Schuberts.

Their brand name can be found in the most prestigious names in the Builders Merchants and Retail sectors across the UK with in excess of 400,000 internal and external doors sold per year.


The new system comprises of two custom dimension centrifugal spec spray booths with canopies, lighting and custom duct work, plus a new custom Schubox gas catalytic infra red drying system. The input air is pre-filtered through capture and hold filters in the spray shop sliding doors.










The doors are pre-sanded, base-coated in the spray booths, dried in the Schubox, then denibbed, top-coated and back into the Schubox one final time.







Typical Schubox drying times with their high-build waterbased coatings are just 30 minutes at 35c, cutting previous drying times down from 3-4 hours per coat!


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WINDOOR 2017, Toronto, Canada










Come and see us at Windoor 2017! 28-30th November.

Stand 379.

We’ll be launching our Schubox and Kit-Cat ranges into the Canadian market. Gas catalytic IR drying systems for GRP, ABS, PVC and glass.

Keylite Dry In Record Time With Schubox Technology

Keylite Dry In Record Time With Schubox Technology



Keylite offer a full range of roof windows, blinds, timber loft ladders, flashings, electric operation kits and accessories and is Europe’s fastest growing roof window manufacturer.

Underpinning their 10 year warranty is a high quality coating finish and when sales volumes increased, this became a production bottleneck. Keylite turned to Schuberts for an affordable quick curing process for their waterbased coatings.

Full production trials were carried out with Keylite substrate, their own range of coatings and their production methods, in the Schubert UK Test Centre Schubox system. This proved that under real conditions, the Schubox system can more than half the drying times of their finishes.







A custom dimension Schubox was ordered and then 7 weeks later was installed in Zambrow, Poland. This Schubox employs long wave gas catalytic infrared technology via heating panel emitters.









Running at just 38-40c, it is able to accept racks of wet products and dry them properly in record time, without affecting the substrate.























Jim Blanthorne, Keylite International Operations Director, says “We are delighted with the performance of the Schubox. There have been immediate improvements in quality, cycle time and capacity. This, the latest in a series of investments, will ensure we continue to supply our range of innovative and award winning products in line with our ambitious growth plans”.
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For well over 35 years Burbidge have been manufacturing and distributing kitchen doors and accessories. Over these years they have developed an intimate knowledge of wood production and honed their ability to revive, reinvent and modernise classic design.

“Quintessentially British”, the Burbidge collection illustrates how in every design their passion for fine kitchens never fails to shine. With the many of their ranges produced in at local UK factory sites their unique heritage as a British manufacturer provides inspiration whilst keeping their perspective fresh and contemporary.

Burbidge wanted to increase their sprayed production, whilst improving quality and quicker delivery times and engaged Schuberts to design a custom finishing system to not only be able to deal with an automatic spray machine, but also hand sprayed products in both 2k PU and water based. Their range of coatings go from matt, satin and gloss onto many different solid species of solid wood, MDF and vinyl wrapped doors and carcasses.








The new finishing system from Schuberts combines a clean flash-off room that not only accepts product from an automatic reciprocating spray machine, but also trolleys from hand-sprayed production. A slotted entry means the outfeed from the spray machine delivers the wet-coated parts directly the an operator who is able to manually load onto racks OR bring fully loaded racks directly into the flash-off via double sliding sealed doors.








Once the product has flashed off and allowed to flow and settle, the racks are introduced into the custom-built Schubox drying system, via special bi-fold doors to minimise door sweep.








The Schubox is designed to dry both solvent and water based coatings very quickly at a low temperature. This means a drying time of between 30 to 50 minutes on all of Burbidge’s range of coatings. The combination of gas catalytic long wave infrared, reflected infrared, air movement and 35-38c means the Sherwin Williams coatings are not ‘skinned over’ and dry properly through the coating thickness.








Once the products have been in the Schubox for the correct amount of time, they can either be turned over and sprayed the other side or denibbed and recoated to get the high quality finish Burbidge are famous for.


















The bottle neck of drying overnight has now been cured with the new Schubox system., with a better quality, fewer reworks and a much quicker throughput.

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WB Group Chooses New Schubert Finishing System For GRP and PVCu Products



From the company’s 70,000 sq ft factory in the north east of England, the WB Group fabricates and manufactures windows and doors in a large range of styles and finishes to suit every application.


WB Group was formed in 1981 and now has over 30 years experience in the manufacture and supply of PVCu windows and doors, GRP Composite Doors & PVCu door infill Panels.










Schuberts have just installed a brand new custom built finishing system for WB Group.








The system consists of a clean room spray enclosure, flash-off section, Schubox curing zone, overhead conveyor and paint mix room.








The spray enclosure pre-filters the air prior to entering the room. The balanced air system means the fans ramp up and down, constantly adjusting their output to suit all the variables of spraying. Doors open/closed, filters new/clogged all impact on the air balance inside a spray booth.
















A flash-off area allows the coatings to settle, flow and vent prior to the Schubox. Again filtered air input ensures the wet product is kept clean.








After the flash-off, the Schubox gas catalytic IR drying system dries the 2k PU coatings in 30-40 minutes at just 36c with long wave infrared, air movement and reflection.








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DOORCO Ltd Invest In A Turn-Key Schuberts Finishing System



@DOORCO Ltd is the UK’s leading innovator in the composite door industry with a reputation for building the highest quality doors to match the increasing industry demands. DOORCO also offers a wide range of door designs that enjoy success in both the commercial and retail sectors and is consistently bringing new products to the market.


DOORCO offer 3 levels of supply to their customers:-

Containers direct for large volume fabricators;

Stock orders from their UK warehouses, where they will supply anything from 1 door to mixed pallet volumes;

Prepped door blanks, offering customised door specifications on size/hardware/ and pre-finished, all completed in their modern UK facility and turned around in 4-7 days.



Renowned for introducing many composite door ‘firsts’, DOORCO is about to launch yet another new approach when it comes to colour. Thanks to its investment in partnership with Schuberts the market leader when it comes to paint drying and finishing, DOORCO is launching a new way of thinking to allow customers of all sizes to achieve the highest quality custom finishes in record time.


The investment process started months ago when DOORCO engaged with Schuberts to design a purpose-built flexible spray finishing system. Trials were carried out with their @RegaLead range of coatings at the Schubert Test Centre in Sheffield, where the full process was demonstrated on production-scale equipment. Doors and components are prepped, including being masked off and either etch wiped or rubbed down with special abrasive pads.



















Once prepared, the doors are cleaned and either loaded onto the new overhead track or onto adjustable trolleys and moved into the spray enclosure. Here, they are sprayed in a controlled, clean environment. The air pressure is controlled so that no dust-laden air can enter and no vapours can escape. All the overspray is contained in Andreae double layer filter. Noise is kept to a minimum and airflow to a maximum by using fully ATEX rated centrifugal fan sets. These fan sets are inverter driven and controlled automatically by the spray enclosure control panel, meaning airflow rates are always kept to the correct level, up until the overspray filters are ready to be changed.













All the mixing and colour matching is carried out in a new purpose-built paint mix room. A bunded floor to collect spills, ATEX heating, permanent extraction, filtered air input and a custom workbench all mean it’s a safe and clean room to get those colours right, first time.















































After coating, the 2k coated products are placed into a dedicated flash-off zone. This area is fed with filtered air input and low level extraction. The temperature is slightly above ambient to allow the coating to flow, vent and start to knit into the surface of the GRP composite door.
















The key to the super-fast turnaround for DOORCO is the Schubox. This non-standard intrinsically safe Schubox drying system allows their full range of water based or solvent based coatings to be cured in a fraction of the time at the lowest of temperatures with the cleanest of processes.


























The Schubox runs at just 35c and completely dries the products in 30-40 minutes before either returning back into the start of the process for a second colour or taken off the line and fitted up ready for shipping. The technology inside the Schubox has been specifically designed to work at low temperature and will not affect the substrate as hot air gas systems do. Long wave IR, air movement, reflection and an elevated temperature allow the Schubox to dry product in record-breaking time!
























Matthew Le Masurier, DOORCO’s Senior Production Manager comments: “Colour represents 60% of DOORCO’s sales and the trend is relentless. With the demand for colour comes the demand for paint.  That’s why we took the decision to invest in the Schubox® system which is universally accepted as the most advanced and efficient IR drying and curing system of its type in the world. It will help us to ensure we maintain control of supply and continue to meet the necessary lead times, regardless of colour. In a nutshell, the new finishing line means that doors will dry in 30 minutes compared with 3+ hours. This increases our capacity because as everyone knows, the main bottleneck in painting is the drying process. Schuberts have been fantastic to work with from start to finish and we look forward to passing on the benefits of this investment to our customers when production starts this month. “



“We feel the real-world value of all our recent operationally investments, including the Schubox is immeasurable. We understand the high value attached to customers’ peace of mind that their doors will be delivered on time, every time even when they’re coloured. Unlike some manufacturers with a simpler business model, automation for DOORCO is critical because we have such a diverse spread of customers, ranging from one-off prepped doors to containers. Each one is important to us. It’s thanks to the investment we’ve already made on behalf of the supply chain and are continuing to make, we can ensure we’ll continue to raise bar on our customer service and delivery on robust operational targets, whilst staying at the forefront of product quality and new innovation especially when it comes to colour.”



To learn more about DOORCO’s high quality offering for composite doors, contact


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Kolorseal Go The Schubox Route

@Kolorseal Ltd, based in Dewsbury West Yorkshire, is the UK’s leading specialist provider of UPVC profiles, glass & metal colour coating, primarily servicing the Fenestration Industry. With over 20 years’ experience they pride themselves on the quality of their service which is backed with a 100% ‘no quibble’ guarantee of satisfaction.





















Kolorseal have just commissioned a custom dimension Schubox catalytic IR drying system to eradicate the bottle-neck of drying and curing for both their water and solvent based coatings. The new Schubox replaces a hot air system previously installed. Not only is the Schubox far quicker with a better quality finish, the running costs lower, but the footprint is much smaller. Assembled product, full size GRP composite doors, PVC lengths and aluminium profiles are all put into the Schubox.


Live trials were carried out in the new Schubert Test Centre and based on these tests an order was placed. 8 weeks later Kolorseal are up and running in full production.

















The Schubox is fed with wet coated product from three large spray enclosures, so not only does the quality have to be kept high but the volumes are also significant too. Drying times are down from 8-10 hours to 30-40 minutes at just 30c!

















The Schubox technology uses intrinsically safe gas catalytic infrared to drive off the solvent or water based carriers, to leave a perfectly dried surface. Stainless steel, air recirculation, long-wave infra red and a low temperature of just 35-38c mean the system doesn’t alter the temperature sensitive nature of the Kolorseal production.
















Debbie Hendry, MD at Kolorseal says “ Our old system worked for us, but was a lengthy process. The new Schubox speeds up our drying times immensely.  Schuberts were very helpful and knowledgeable. Their installation team were professional and punctual. I would definitely recommend!”


To find out how Schubox infrared technology can eliminate your drying bottleneck for the finishing process, email

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Big Is Beautiful!

Schuberts have just handed over the largest, highest capacity Schubox ever installed! This fully automatic turn-key curing system is feeding from a through-feed automatic spray machine and stacker.
















The Schubox installation is some 17m long end to end and 8m wide and features 2 individual processing lanes.

Two automatic inverted floor conveyors are specially designed to pull 8 trolleys of 500kg each at a set (adjustable) rate through the Schubox. That’s 8000kg of product being moved!
















Automatic doors on the infeed and outfeed mean the trolleys can be indexed through the system with minimal heat loss.


This gas catalytic technology is designed to cure 1000 microns (1mm!) of wet fire proof paint in a single pass in 90 minutes at 60c. There is no other system on the market that is able to process this film thickness in this time at such a low temperature.

















Each full trolley carries 22 wet panels and each lane in the Schubox holds 8 trolleys at a time inside. Based on a single shift and DOUBLE sided coating, this Schuberts installation is capable of processing 800 panels in a single shift!


The Schubox has instantly made a huge impact on production volumes and times. Previously, the coatings were taking 3 days to dry. Now just 90 minutes!
















It goes without saying, we’re very proud of this Schubox.


Email for more information on how we can reduce your surface coating drying times across industry.



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Finishing Touch at Cardinal












Cardinal have just taken delivery of a state-of-the-art Schubert finishing system for all of their joinery production.

The Cardinal Group has over 30 years experience in Designing, manufacturing and installing retail and commercial interiors in the UK and globally. The group operates from approximately 500,000 square feet of production and logistics space.  Cardinal provide a complete turnkey solution incorporating product design, space planning, manufacture, logistics, installation and project management.
Along with extensive manufacturing ability in the UK, Cardinal ltd also offer cost efficiencies via their China company and global supply chain.












The new Schuberts system combines a fully enclosed 10m wide x 7m deep spray shop, filtered air input, adjustable divider panels and fully ATEX rated motors/fans etc for both solvent and water based range of coatings.












A new control system on the spray shop means that all fans on the input side and extract side are inverter driven, ramp up and down automatically and maintain a perfectly clean spray zone, without any solvent vapour escaping into the factory.












Custom fans and ducting was required due to roof heights, extended ducting lengths and the fact that the flap cowls had to finish some 5.5m above roof ridge height (!). Pulleys and belts were changed on the drives, ducting was flanged and increased to 810mm dia, oversized guy wires, extra strengthening to the roof was done – all to deal with the extra weights and loads of the ducting.












The spray shop is illuminated with both roof and wall skywhite blue/white lighting sets. This gives a pure, flicker-free light, essential for colour matching and for the sprayer to spot imperfections inside the paint that can derive from the mixing process on 2k systems.


The Schubox drying system is manufactured to custom dimensions, specified by the client. 3850mm wide x 5480mm long, fitted with three flameless catalytic gas heaters. Drying time inside the Schubox is between 20 mins for high solids AC and one hour for high build 2k PU.












A separate paint mix room was installed for the safe intermediate storage, weighing and mixing of coatings. A bunded floor catches all spills and twin doors allow easy access through into the spray shop directly.


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