Want A High Gloss Polishing Machine For PU Or Polyester Sprayed Panels That Doesn’t Round Off Sharp Edges? Schuberts have got the solution!

Schuberts have just commissioned a new turn-key automatic Emme Elle Srl panel polishing machine at one of the UK’s largest furniture manufacturers.

Once sprayed in multiple coats of high gloss polyurethane lacquer in a new purpose built Schubert spray shop and Schubox curing system, the panels are placed on the Emme Elle LBA type polishing and buffing machine.

Schuberts Finishing Systems

The LBA machine is fitted with a vacuum table to secure different sized panels to the bed of the machine. The LBA polishing machine is also fitted with automatic storage and spraying of polishing compound and wax additive for each of the two processes (polishing and buffing).

Schuberts Finishing Systems

Schuberts Finishing Systems

The bed of the machine is a huge 3200mm x 1350mm, so even the largest of panels can be loaded as multiples. The machine will happily accept different thicknesses of panels, as the height of the machine can be altered automatically to suit.

Schuberts Finishing Systems

Emme_Elle 011

When loaded with product, the central head of the machine moves over the painted panels, applying an exact dose of polishing compound liquid and then a series of rotating, tumbling, dense cotton mops rotate evenly across the surface. The key to ensuring a perfect finish and that the edges of the panels remain undamaged is the unique loading and securing system of the LBA machine.

Depending on the type of lacquer applied, the gloss level required and condition of the surface, the polishing can be made in as few as two passes or as many as four passes before the buffing process.

Once polished with the cotton mop heads, they are automatically withdrawn from the panels and foam buffing pads are introduced to bring the high gloss shine up.

All the above is controlled via a user-friendly touchscreen HMI PLC system.

The LBA machine shown here will process up to 2500 panel pieces per week single shift.

Emme_Elle 071

For more information on how to do high gloss polishing properly, please email sales@schuberts.co.uk