For well over 35 years Burbidge have been manufacturing and distributing kitchen doors and accessories. Over these years they have developed an intimate knowledge of wood production and honed their ability to revive, reinvent and modernise classic design.

“Quintessentially British”, the Burbidge collection illustrates how in every design their passion for fine kitchens never fails to shine. With the many of their ranges produced in at local UK factory sites their unique heritage as a British manufacturer provides inspiration whilst keeping their perspective fresh and contemporary.

Burbidge wanted to increase their sprayed production, whilst improving quality and quicker delivery times and engaged Schuberts to design a custom finishing system to not only be able to deal with an automatic spray machine, but also hand sprayed products in both 2k PU and water based. Their range of coatings go from matt, satin and gloss onto many different solid species of solid wood, MDF and vinyl wrapped doors and carcasses.








The new finishing system from Schuberts combines a clean flash-off room that not only accepts product from an automatic reciprocating spray machine, but also trolleys from hand-sprayed production. A slotted entry means the outfeed from the spray machine delivers the wet-coated parts directly the an operator who is able to manually load onto racks OR bring fully loaded racks directly into the flash-off via double sliding sealed doors.








Once the product has flashed off and allowed to flow and settle, the racks are introduced into the custom-built Schubox drying system, via special bi-fold doors to minimise door sweep.








The Schubox is designed to dry both solvent and water based coatings very quickly at a low temperature. This means a drying time of between 30 to 50 minutes on all of Burbidge’s range of coatings. The combination of gas catalytic long wave infrared, reflected infrared, air movement and 35-38c means the Sherwin Williams coatings are not ‘skinned over’ and dry properly through the coating thickness.








Once the products have been in the Schubox for the correct amount of time, they can either be turned over and sprayed the other side or denibbed and recoated to get the high quality finish Burbidge are famous for.


















The bottle neck of drying overnight has now been cured with the new Schubox system., with a better quality, fewer reworks and a much quicker throughput.

For more information on Burbidge’s range of products, see http://www.burbidge.co.uk/

To see how the Schubox systems can reduce your work in progress and improve quality, email sales@schuberts.co.uk

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