Keylite Dry In Record Time With Schubox Technology

Keylite Dry In Record Time With Schubox Technology



Keylite offer a full range of roof windows, blinds, timber loft ladders, flashings, electric operation kits and accessories and is Europe’s fastest growing roof window manufacturer.

Underpinning their 10 year warranty is a high quality coating finish and when sales volumes increased, this became a production bottleneck. Keylite turned to Schuberts for an affordable quick curing process for their waterbased coatings.

Full production trials were carried out with Keylite substrate, their own range of coatings and their production methods, in the Schubert UK Test Centre Schubox system. This proved that under real conditions, the Schubox system can more than half the drying times of their finishes.







A custom dimension Schubox was ordered and then 7 weeks later was installed in Zambrow, Poland. This Schubox employs long wave gas catalytic infrared technology via heating panel emitters.









Running at just 38-40c, it is able to accept racks of wet products and dry them properly in record time, without affecting the substrate.























Jim Blanthorne, Keylite International Operations Director, says “We are delighted with the performance of the Schubox. There have been immediate improvements in quality, cycle time and capacity. This, the latest in a series of investments, will ensure we continue to supply our range of innovative and award winning products in line with our ambitious growth plans”.
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