New Window Coating System Installed For Sash Window Production


Sash Window Workshop have just commissioned a new turn-key finishing plant for assembled windows from Schuberts.

Along with the their Dutch working partners, LTI BV NL, Schuberts have installed a new custom built overhead track conveyor system, complete with trolleys and both 800mm and 2000mm flight carrier bars. This means that small window frames and sashes can be hung as multiples and large single window frames, up to 4m wide can be hung as singles.


A new large spray booth, fitted with double layer extraction filter, is complimented with an air return plenum. This plenum takes up to 80% of the extracted air, filters it to remove any particulate and reintroduces it back into the spray shop.


An automatic lift station means that a single operator can load/unload heavy awkward items directly on the conveyor line.


Twin automatic humidification units with hydrostats are installed to control and regulate the moisture content of the spray shop air. This improves quality, aids the drying process and means the wood is under less stress when coated and cured.


The drying of the waterbased based paints is carried out with air movement from variable speed fan sets in combination with long wave gas catalytic infra red drying technology.
The double buffer drying zone is fitted with twin automatic pushers and is key to making this new installation run smoothly, to eliminate the traditional bottle neck of drying exterior paints and gives the customer total repeatability and consistency of finish.


An audible alarm and sensor system allows the operators to know when the windows are dried and ready to remove from the twin buffers lines.

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