Neptune Home Invest In Schuberts Paint Drying Technology


Neptune is one of the UK’s fastest growing manufacturers for high end interior, kitchen and garden furniture.
Specialising in traditional craftsmanship with innovative contemporary design, Neptune products are both carefully designed and finished to the highest of standards.


Neptune’s ever-expanding painted furniture collection has resulted in a diverse paint library with a spectrum of 28 different bespoke colours.
Each painted item is lovingly prepared, pre-sanded, primed, de-nibbed, base coated and finally a top coat is hand painted with Neptune’s water based paint and lacquer.


The latest addition to the Neptune warehouse is a custom built Schubox gas catalytic drying system, designed specifically to dry and cure painted furniture in record time.

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Water based paints are more environmentally friendly compared to solvent coatings, but drying time is significantly longer.
Under normal production conditions the paint raises the grain, changing the moisture content of the wood and leaves a much lower quality overall finish.

The Schubox utilises long wave gas catalytic infrared technology, air movement, reflection and filtered air input system in a manner that reduces the drying time from hours to minutes.

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This custom built Schubox uses three catalytic heaters maintaining a very accurate temperature of around 32c. Long wave Infra Red is used to ensure the furniture is not affected by excess heat by drawing the water from the paint without affecting the substrate. The air is filtered into the Schubox with roof mounted filtration, and the use of sliding doors allow easy access into the Schubox for larger cabinets and trolleys.

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All this at the fraction of the time and cost of flamed gas system. Gas catalytic is some 70% cheaper to run than hot air flame gas systems.

Matthew Talbot, Operations Director at Neptune says “The Schubox will enable the customisation department to move to the next level in terms of output and quality and will help to eliminate the bottle neck of drying our paint finish” within the UK operation”.

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