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@Kolorseal Ltd, based in Dewsbury West Yorkshire, is the UK’s leading specialist provider of UPVC profiles, GRP doors, glass & metal colour coating, primarily servicing the Fenestration Industry. With over 20 years’ experience they pride themselves on the quality of their service which is backed with a 100% ‘no quibble’ guarantee of satisfaction.





















Kolorseal have just commissioned a custom dimension Schubox catalytic IR drying system to eradicate the bottle-neck of drying and curing for both their water and solvent based coatings. The new Schubox replaces a hot air system previously installed. Not only is the Schubox far quicker with a better quality finish, the running costs lower, but the footprint is much smaller. Assembled product, full size GRP composite doors, PVC lengths and aluminium profiles are all put into the Schubox.


Live trials were carried out in the new Schubert Test Centre and based on these tests an order was placed. 8 weeks later Kolorseal are up and running in full production.

















The Schubox is fed with wet coated product from three large spray enclosures, so not only does the quality have to be kept high but the volumes are also significant too. Drying times are down from 8-10 hours to 30-40 minutes at just 30c!

















The Schubox technology uses intrinsically safe gas catalytic infrared to drive off the solvent or water based carriers, to leave a perfectly dried surface. Stainless steel, air recirculation, long-wave infra red and a low temperature of just 35-38c mean the system doesn’t alter the temperature sensitive nature of the Kolorseal production.
















Debbie Hendry, MD at Kolorseal says “ Our old system worked for us, but was a lengthy process. The new Schubox speeds up our drying times immensely.  Schuberts were very helpful and knowledgeable. Their installation team were professional and punctual. I would definitely recommend!”


To find out how Schubox infrared technology can eliminate your drying bottleneck for the finishing process, email sales@schuberts.co.uk

To contact Kolorseal and find out how they can help you with outsourcing your high quality coating requirements, email sales@kolorseal.co.uk

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