CFUK install new Schubert finishing plant.

CFUK install new Schubert finishing plant.

CFUK are well established in the field of contract furniture with over 20 years’ experience, supplying high quality products to bars, restaurants, pubs and Leisure centres across the UK.
They manufacture almost every range of contract furniture available and recently launched a new range of children’s furniture.


As their business has grown, so has the requirement for finishing their furniture with solvent AC&PU and water based paints/lacquers. After test work and a customer visit, CFUK are now proud owners of a new Schubox and spray booth to add to the existing equipment already installed.
The new spray booth is fitted with an inline silencer to reduce noise levels, a canopy and lighting.
The new Schubox is fitted with gas catalytic heaters to dry the wet lacquer in record time and a higher level of quality. Typical cycle times are now 20 mins each load!

Kevin Tobin, owner of CFUK said “The client requirements are shorter & shorter lead times, so the only way to keep the quality we have always provided was to invest in a system that reduces cycle time down from days to minutes ”


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