Belned Cure Their Problems With A Custom Schubox








BelNed bv was founded in 1978 and produces glass products in the window industry, glaziers, painters and contractors throughout the Netherlands.


BelNed produces various items in house: glazing bars , air vents , aluminum sashes and pane frames. They provide sealants and caulking guns , all kinds of glazing tape , glass cutters and some cleaning products for the glass sectors.


Along with their long-standing Dutch finishing partner, LTI Bv, Schuberts have just installed a custom built Schubox to dry and cure a long-standing bottleneck at Belned – drying waterbased coatings!












Once vacuum coated, the products are loaded onto large drying trolleys and pushed into the Schubox for rapid drying.












The Schubox is 6800mm wide x 2750mm high x 8000mm long and fitted with 5 x gas catalytic infrared emitters.  The we fit infrared panels into Schubox is key to the quick drying at low temperatures. For this installation, the Schubox is running at just 35-38c and cures the waterbased coatings in 20-30 minutes.

Air is provided by means of inverter driven floor fans, that can be angled and accurately controlled to get the quickest drying times.












For more information on Schubox systems for the Benelux markets, contact LTI Bv at and











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