Nawrocki Group, Poland, Cure Finishing Bottleneck With Schuberts

Along with their Polish agent, Artech, Schuberts have just installed a new custom built dual-use finishing system for Nawrocki Group, Bochnia.LOGO Nawrocki Group











The Nawrocki Furniture Company was founded in 1991 and has grown to be one of Poland’s largest and highest quality manufacturers of furniture, bar fit-out and bath pods.

In its first years, it was dedicated to manufacturing single pieces of home furniture for retail clients. It took only a decade for the company’s portfolio to change, as implementation of interior furnishing for public buildings, such as hotels, restaurants, banks, office buildings became its dominant element.












Production abilities of the company, which was capable of manufacturing furniture that reached the standard of both two and five star hotels, made the investors from hotel branch a main target group of F.M. Nawrocki.

Numerous implementations throughout the whole Poland left the way clear for the services expansion into French market in 2002. High aesthetic and functional standard of furniture, foolproof logistics of the business and the knowledge of French legislation were the reasons why in 2005 The Nawrocki Group Company was awarded with The Silver Medal for The Best Service offered on French market, given by Polish Trade Organization.

By 2015, F. M. Nawrocki have furnished over 200 high standard hotel buildings in the whole of Europe (including 150 hotels in nearly 100 French cities), obtained regular references from Orbis hotel chain and successfully intensified its services on Anglophone markets.

The sister company Nawrocki SDB was founded in 2013 and it is the business based on manufacturing and installing prefabricated bathroom pods using wood and GRP substrates.


One of the bottlenecks of such successful and rapid growth was the spray processing and finishing of furniture and GRP bath pods. Drying times, variation in ambient temperatures, types of specialist paints and lacquers etc, all contributed to a complex and unique production request.

Navrocki Layout_Shot7











Navrocki Layout_Shot9











With the Nawrocki production being split between both flat panel and 3D carcass production lines, they needed a flexible high-volume system capable of meeting the very highest quality levels of finishing.












Thankfully, after analysing the problems, running tests at another Polish customer, Schuberts had the answers!












A dedicated flash-off zone was designed to not only take wet product from the manual spray shop, but also to accept, via a special outfeed conveyor, wet product from an automatic panel spray machine.












This dual-use installation not only means that high volumes of product can be coated and cured in record time, but the quality is kept to its absolute maximum.

Once the product had ‘flashed-off’ the trolleys and carcasses are loaded into a Schubox gas catalytic IR curing system at 40c for around 30 mins.












After drying inside the Schubox, the products are removed, either de-nibbed for the next coat or sent directly to packaging.


What used to take 3 days, now takes hours….!


For more information on finishing systems, manual and automatic, email or for Poland email



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