A New Benchmark Spray Finishing System Installed

A well-known UK manufacturer, Benchmark, have just had a full Schubert manual finishing system installed.

The installation comprises of a full spray enclosure, with filtered air input system, a dedicated flash-off zone, a Schubox catalytic IR drying system, a paint mix room and Sandbox down draft sanding tables.

The spray shop is fitted with slow running, high output centrifugal fan sets, with anti-spark internal features to cope with solvent AC paint and lacquer.
Bright white 1000 lux white light tube sets throughout ensure a perfect working environment and very good colour rendition.
Two operators can work side by side in the spray shop, with an adjustable divider panel, ensuring maximum flexibility in the booth and no cross contamination of paints between operators.
The cycle time in the Schubox for curing solvent AC lacquers is set at 20 minutes!
Sanding and denibbing is done outside the spray system on dedicated Sandbox tables.

For more information, contact sales@schuberts.co.uk