New High-Gloss Spray System Installed

One of the UK’s best known and highest quality spray finishers has just installed a significant installation from Schuberts.

The large manual system comprises of a fully enclosed spray shop, with filtered air handling input system to balance air pressures, clean flash-off zone, Schubox gas catalytic IR curing system, paint mix room, seven Sandbox tables and the Eco-Booth retro-fit system to their existing open spray booths.


The installation is designed and specified for the rigours of solvent AC and high gloss PU onto flat, curved and shaped pieces.

1000 lux lighting is fitted throughout for very good colour rendition and quality control.


Andreae High Efficiency filters on the extract booth mean that a zero particulate emission is the goal.

Schubert Spray-Booth

Inverter driven motors mean that extraction rates can be altered according to site conditions and air-flow requirements.

The paint kitchen has a bunded floor, twin glazed doors, constant extraction and a fully ATEX rated heating system to ensure the paint and lacquer is kept at the optimum spraying temperature and viscosity.

Up to 3 spray operators can use the system at any time, with adjustable divider panels meaning no cross-contamination of paint overspray.

Cleanliness is the key, with dust and contamination kept to an absolute minimum, meaning re-works are all but eradicated and high gloss work can be carried out with ease.

Sandbox down draft tables are utilised outside the spray shop to collect and filter fine denibbing dust and help to ensure that this dust goes nowhere near the wet spray, clean zones.


The Schubert ‘Eco-Booth’ system has been retro-fitted to each of the customer’s existing booths. This system allows the spray booths to be stepped down in output when not in use, via PLC microprocessors and inverter drives. There are significant energy savings and knock on benefits such as easing negative air pressure issues within factory environments.

Typical cure times in the Schubox curing system are down from air dry times of hours to 20-30 minutes, with a big step up in quality and volume of product processed.