Multiwood Products Invests in New Schubert Spray Facility

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Founded in 1987 by directors with a wealth of experience in the kitchen and timber moulding industry, Multiwood Products Ltd has developed into one of the leading specialist kitchen door and accessories suppliers in the United Kingdom.

Steady growth over the last 3 years has seen the volume of painted kitchen doors and components increase rapidly. Multiwood faced a situation where speed of delivery, quality and range of colours offered to customers, became of paramount importance.


To such end, a decision was made to bring their spray finishing in-house and contact was made with Schuberts. Various tests and site visits made, a suitable system was decided upon, encompassing each of the key areas of finishing:-

• Sanding/denibbing process and the collection of fine dust.
• Spraying in a clean, safe environment.
• Flash-off of solvent based paints.
• Rapid curing of solvent PU and AC paints and lacquers without affecting the substrates.
• Safe intermediate storage of paints and lacquers with the ability to mix custom colours and tints.

The spray shop is 7.0m wide x 8.0m deep, allowing plenty of space inside for racks and up to 3 sprayers to work independently of each other. Input air is filtered prior to entry into the spray shop to give a clean environment in which to spray.
Lighting is to 1000 lux levels and uses bright white flicker free sets.
Andreae HE filter ensures no particulate or overspray escapes through the booth.
Quiet running ATEX fans ensure a high extract rate, but a quiet installation.


After spraying, the dedicated flash-off zone allows the solvent vapour to vent off under ambient conditions and for the paint to flow out correctly.

The Schubox gas catalytic infrared drying system accepts product from the flash-off and after 20-30mins the racks full of Multiwood’s production, are ready for either de-nibbing or packing and despatch.


The Sandbox down draught tables are designed to take fine dust, filter the air and return it into the workshop clean. They are specifically designed for pre-sanding and intercoat denibbing and are fitted with an ATEX centrifugal motor.


A separate paint kitchen allows the safe intermediate storage of paints and lacquers. The bunded floor means that any spills are captured, the ATEX heater keeps the paint at the correct temperature and the separate extraction ensures no build-up of vapours.


Doug Allan of Multiwood says:- “The whole process, from initial enquiry to installation and commissioning of the completed system was conducted efficiently, on schedule and in a very short time.
Schuberts were available to deal with any queries we had regarding processes, materials and regulations, both up to and after completion and continue to do so.
This has been a major benefit and has ensured that we are producing a high quality product from day one.”

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