Schubert Pre-gel Oven Speeds Up Powder Coating Line

Schuberts have commissioned a new gas catalytic infrared pre-gel oven and overhead conveyor modifications for a large UK steel-work fabricator powder coating customer.

Oven 2












The pre-gel oven uses high density gas catalytic IR to ramp up temperatures on the steel from ambient to 200c+ in less than 2 mins. This allows the production line to run twice as fast, the flame-gas hot air oven to run at 20% lower output and the overall finish far superior than previously.

























Schubert gas catalytic IR technology is an exothermic chemical process in which gas (natural gas, propane or butane) is converted into energy and long wave IR through precious metals such as platinum and palladium.

It is a totally flameless process using chemical conversion to catalyse the gas into the energy that is then emit in installations.


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