Want a Proper Spray Shop, Capable of High Gloss PU Work? Look No Further…

Lights, camera, high-gloss!

Schuberts have just commissioned a new spray facility for high gloss and flat matt PU kitchen components at Moores Furniture Group.

The installation will use a maximum of 4 sprayers and will produce around 1000 high gloss panels per week.

Input and extract fans are all inverter driven via pressure drop differential sensors, meaning that all dust and contamination is kept out of the spray shop, giving a perfect dust-free finish.
An air input system, filters heated factory air, from biomass boiler heat exchangers and diffuses this directly into the spray shop, giving constant warm clean air for the spray/gel processes.
A Schubox gas catalytic drying system combines with the large spray shop to cure the solvent PU in record time. Drying times between 60 to 90 minutes are typical for Moores, depending on film thickness applied.

Along with a heated paint mix room, anti-spark quiet fan sets, all ducting, 1000lux lighting throughout and fully adjustable spray partition walls, this is a top-notch spray shop!
For more information, contact [email protected] or call 0044 (0)1226 360900



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