Schubox For The Jet Age!


Schuberts, along with their Polish agent Artech, have just delivered and installed a custom Schubox gas catalytic infrared installation for drying and curing a wide range of surface coatings at the aerospace manufacturer WZL2, Poland.

WZL2 are the main partner arm of the Polish Air Force, supporting and providing for the operation of the Polish Air Force aircraft, including Su-22, MiG-29 and C-130 Hercules.



Their scope of activity includes:
• overhaul including verification, repair, assembly, painting and test flights;
• scheduled maintenance check, phased inspection;
• aircraft servicing;
• verifying and repairing aircraft system components;
• extending overhaul life;
• manufacturing and delivering spare parts;
• developing and implementing test equipment;
• designing and manufacturing Ground Support Equipment;
• training personnel;
• developing technical publications.

Introducing new aircraft types to be operated by the Polish Air Force resulted in a need to develop service capabilities to support the operation of F-16 and C-130. The Schubox will be a key part of this new service.


This custom-built Schubox is designed to cure specialist coatings from 40c to 200c and anywhere in between. Cycle time for drying the painted product in the Schubox is drastically cut from hours to minutes and with a better quality finish!

wzl schubox

The long wave infrared technology removes both the water or solvent carriers quickly and efficiently at the fraction of the cost or traditional air drying methods. Single pack, two pack, waterbased and solvent based products can be used in the Schubox system and can be utilised in conjunction with both hand spray and auto-spray machines.


The control panel is remotely mounted in a control room some 500 metres away. The HMI interface, optional trending and fully automatic start-up and run make the Schubox easy but effective to run.


For more information on how Schubox systems can be used in the aerospace, wood, composite and automotive industries, email