Schuberts Install New Automatic Panel Spray Machine, Clean Room and Schubox

Schuberts have recently installed and commissioned a new panel spray machine, heavy duty stacking machine and clean room at one of the UK’s leading producers of specialist door coatings. This is a totally unique and special installation, meaning anything from a kitchen door front, mouldings and up to full size 130kg doors can be processed.



The line incorporates a wide 1300mm automatic spray machine, capable of running at 5m/min. This machine features twin oscillating arms, fitted with 3 separate paint circuits and up to 8 guns. This machine is able to spray primers, base coats and top coats in both water based AND solvent based finishes.


The unique recovery system allows the paint overspray to be reclaimed, filtered and blended back into virgin paint product where possible.


The LIFT system means that up to 130kg doors can be unloaded wet from the spray line and then placed automatically into heavy duty drying trolleys. Each product has its length and width measured automatically before being loaded into its own individual space in the trolley. Once full, the operators move the trolley within the clean room.


The clean room is designed as a flash-off zone and allows the wet coating, specifically high gloss, to be in a clean area before being dried. The flash-off zone here is large enough to accommodate up to 8 full trolleys. The air flow is filtered using capture and hold air input filters and the extracted air goes to atmosphere.


For more information on the range of automatic spray machines for panels, doors and components, email