New Robotic Spray System Installed For The UK Automotive Industry

New robotic spray coating line being put through its paces at a UK automotive brake disc manufacturer. Able to spray both water based and solvent coatings, the 6 axis ATEX-rated robot, sprays an accurate film weight onto rotating automotive brake discs.


Prior to spraying and after manual loading, pre-heating is carried out through a custom infra-red tunnel to ensure all discs are at the same temperature for spraying.


Each disc is rotated automatically in front of the Wagner spray system before moving into a dedicated flash-off area at 60c.



Once the flash-off process has happened, the discs go into a hot air curing oven at 190c.

After curing, the product is force cooled and offloaded by hand.


Pre-heat, spray, flash-off, bake and cool in a single system!

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