New Canadian Venture







Schuberts are pleased to announce a new venture with Yorke Towne Supplies for the Toronto and ON, Canadian region.


In this significant move for both companies, it will mean that Schuberts will have an established, skilled partner with Yorke Towne and with a new Test Centre being installed during March 2018, a full working reference site within their laboratory.


Yorke Towne employ 30 people, have been in business since 1974 and operate from a 37,000 sq ft building. They serve the wood, kitchen, joinery and more recently, the composite GRP and PVC markets with a range of coatings from manufacturers such as Renner, Milesi and Akzo Nobel. They are also an authorised distributor for RegaLead products for the PVC, GRP fiberglass, window and door market.


Along side their range of coating products, Yorke Towne also supply and service key equipment from Graco, Finishing Brands (Binks/DeVilbiss), IWATA and SATA paint. They also have a significant working stock of consumable parts for Viledon and Columbus Industries air filtration products and paint overspray collection filters.


Finally, they also have in house, state-of-the-art custom colour matching and canning facilities to service all their customers directly.


The new Schubert installation will showcase two key elements – flash-off conditioning and Schubox drying. Yorke Towne will be able to run full scale wet trials with both solvent based and waterbourne coatings in all the above industries, proving how quickly the long wave IR technology can process wet painted products.













Schuberts and Yorke Towne have the perfect combination of experience, drive, technology and enthusiasm and with the new Schubox installation, a totally new way of thinking!


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