Schuberts – A brief history of a special and proud family business.

In 1928, at the age of 18 Helmut Schubert came to London from Germany to act as agent for the Burkle Company of Freudenstadt in the Black Forest. His company sold Burkle (Buerkle) presses and was the sole agent up to the start of World War II, when Schuberts had to begin designing and building their own pressing equipment in London. The most famous was the ‘Dome’ press for veneering shaped furniture pieces. This was a world leader with hundreds in use in the UK and all over the world. Indeed today Schubert Dome presses built 60 years ago are still in operation!

After the war, the business expanded by adding on a range of complimentary imported machines, drum and wide belt sanders, veneer guillotines and jointers, roller and curtain coaters. In 1960, sadly Helmut passed away and the company nearly closed. However, Peter, his son, coincidentally also 18 years old, persuaded the family to support him carrying on. Shortly afterwards a strong Italian connection was born, working with great success with Stefani, Alberti, and Gabbiani.

The next 25 years was a golden era for both Schuberts and the Italian machinery manufacturers with massive lines for high production flat pack furniture being installed on a ‘turn-key’ basis. Press manufacturing had meantime developed into plastics and rubber as well as the woodworking industry. In the late 70’s this part of the business was sold off.

During the 80’s it became apparent that most of the major machinery manufacturers in Italy and Germany were ‘grouping’ and the Schubert Company was in danger of losing its independence. The decision was made to exit the main panel processing market and concentrate on surface coating equipment both wet and dry and stay totally autonomous. Peter’s son joined the business over a decade ago and brought a wealth of energy and technical knowledge with him.

For the last 20 years from a technical centre in the North East of the UK and over different sites, a complete range of spray booths, enclosures and drying/curing systems for lacquers have been developed. The jewel in the crown is the Schubox, universally accepted as the most advanced and efficient drying and curing system of its type in the world, using gas catalytic infrared technologies.

From stand-alone high quality spray shops, flash-off systems and curing zones all the way through to turn-key autonomous automatic high speed coating lines, Schuberts have all customers catered for.

Today Schuberts is a small, highly specialised, flexible, family owned business, headed by members of the family in key positions, with a hard-won reputation across industry for quality and reliability.

Mid-2016 saw the opening of a purpose-built test centre and training academy, just off junction 35 of the M1 motorway where existing and potential customers are able to carry out R&D test work on Schubert’s complete range of manual and automatic spraying, drying, sanding and application methods, including Giardina Group equipment. The academy will be set up to take operators and managers through the pre-delivery training, commissioning and top-up training of Schuberts range of finishing systems, in a structured classroom environment.

In 2021 we took a major step into the USA market, with our partners Advanced Machinery Systems in Utah and then in 2023, Elevated Finishing was also started in North Carolina, ensuring we had total US coverage.