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Giardina MSL Lines

The automatic tray system has been designed and built to optimize the painting and drying of doors, panels and profiles. This system combines the manual painting cycle with the drying cycle, eliminating the need to handle the parts during the various phases. The Giardina Manual Spray Line can be configured and sized according to the […]

New 420 Automatic Spray Machine Launched

Schuberts presents the Giardina “Dualtech 420”, the first stage of the renovation process that will affect the entire range of “Dualtech” automatic through-fee spraying machines, a technology that represents fifty years of experience in spray painting in the name of quality, reliability, flexibility and ease of use. Among the most interesting technical features the two […]

Out With The Old And In With The New In Toronto

If you want to offer a full range of career-focused education, training and applied research programs to prepare people for success in the new knowledge economy and promote economic prosperity throughout Canada, you want the very best equipment, right?   An old installation was well past its prime, so Yorke Towne, our working partners in […]

Ever wondered what a Giardina Vertical Oven looks like and works?

The four-stage vertical oven designed and built by GiardinaGroup and available through Schuberts, optimally performs the four phases that characterize a perfect drying process: flash-off, first heating, second heating, and finally cooling.   The drying curve is guaranteed by the four stages in which the oven is structured, one for each phase, and each stage […]

Kitchen Manufacturer Installs New Automatic Line

One of the largest and best-known kitchen manufacturers has taken delivery of a special fully automatic Giardina spray line, installed by Schuberts. The line consists of:- •Infeed conveyor for batch loading onto the system.                                     •Cleaning and deionising […]

Glass Coater Goes Schubert Route

Not all our installations are large or high-value ones…. Here we have a modest manual installation for a glass coater. The equipment comprises of a manual spray shop enclosure and a retro-fitted Kit-Cat drying system.                                         […]