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Cardinal have just taken delivery of a state-of-the-art Schubert finishing system for all of their joinery production.

The Cardinal Group has over 30 years experience in Designing, manufacturing and installing retail and commercial interiors in the UK and globally. The group operates from approximately 500,000 square feet of production and logistics space.  Cardinal provide a complete turnkey solution incorporating product design, space planning, manufacture, logistics, installation and project management.
Along with extensive manufacturing ability in the UK, Cardinal ltd also offer cost efficiencies via their China company and global supply chain.












The new Schuberts system combines a fully enclosed 10m wide x 7m deep spray shop, filtered air input, adjustable divider panels and fully ATEX rated motors/fans etc for both solvent and water based range of coatings.












A new control system on the spray shop means that all fans on the input side and extract side are inverter driven, ramp up and down automatically and maintain a perfectly clean spray zone, without any solvent vapour escaping into the factory.












Custom fans and ducting was required due to roof heights, extended ducting lengths and the fact that the flap cowls had to finish some 5.5m above roof ridge height (!). Pulleys and belts were changed on the drives, ducting was flanged and increased to 810mm dia, oversized guy wires, extra strengthening to the roof was done – all to deal with the extra weights and loads of the ducting.












The spray shop is illuminated with both roof and wall skywhite blue/white lighting sets. This gives a pure, flicker-free light, essential for colour matching and for the sprayer to spot imperfections inside the paint that can derive from the mixing process on 2k systems.


The Schubox drying system is manufactured to custom dimensions, specified by the client. 3850mm wide x 5480mm long, fitted with three flameless catalytic gas heaters. Drying time inside the Schubox is between 20 mins for high solids AC and one hour for high build 2k PU.












A separate paint mix room was installed for the safe intermediate storage, weighing and mixing of coatings. A bunded floor catches all spills and twin doors allow easy access through into the spray shop directly.


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Belned Cure Their Problems With A Custom Schubox








BelNed bv was founded in 1978 and produces glass products in the window industry, glaziers, painters and contractors throughout the Netherlands.


BelNed produces various items in house: glazing bars , air vents , aluminum sashes and pane frames. They provide sealants and caulking guns , all kinds of glazing tape , glass cutters and some cleaning products for the glass sectors.


Along with their long-standing Dutch finishing partner, LTI Bv, Schuberts have just installed a custom built Schubox to dry and cure a long-standing bottleneck at Belned – drying waterbased coatings!












Once vacuum coated, the products are loaded onto large drying trolleys and pushed into the Schubox for rapid drying.












The Schubox is 6800mm wide x 2750mm high x 8000mm long and fitted with 5 x gas catalytic infrared emitters.  The we fit infrared panels into Schubox is key to the quick drying at low temperatures. For this installation, the Schubox is running at just 35-38c and cures the waterbased coatings in 20-30 minutes.

Air is provided by means of inverter driven floor fans, that can be angled and accurately controlled to get the quickest drying times.












For more information on Schubox systems for the Benelux markets, contact LTI Bv at and











Nawrocki Group, Poland, Cure Finishing Bottleneck With Schuberts

Along with their Polish agent, Artech, Schuberts have just installed a new custom built dual-use finishing system for Nawrocki Group, Bochnia.LOGO Nawrocki Group











The Nawrocki Furniture Company was founded in 1991 and has grown to be one of Poland’s largest and highest quality manufacturers of furniture, bar fit-out and bath pods.

In its first years, it was dedicated to manufacturing single pieces of home furniture for retail clients. It took only a decade for the company’s portfolio to change, as implementation of interior furnishing for public buildings, such as hotels, restaurants, banks, office buildings became its dominant element.












Production abilities of the company, which was capable of manufacturing furniture that reached the standard of both two and five star hotels, made the investors from hotel branch a main target group of F.M. Nawrocki.

Numerous implementations throughout the whole Poland left the way clear for the services expansion into French market in 2002. High aesthetic and functional standard of furniture, foolproof logistics of the business and the knowledge of French legislation were the reasons why in 2005 The Nawrocki Group Company was awarded with The Silver Medal for The Best Service offered on French market, given by Polish Trade Organization.

By 2015, F. M. Nawrocki have furnished over 200 high standard hotel buildings in the whole of Europe (including 150 hotels in nearly 100 French cities), obtained regular references from Orbis hotel chain and successfully intensified its services on Anglophone markets.

The sister company Nawrocki SDB was founded in 2013 and it is the business based on manufacturing and installing prefabricated bathroom pods using wood and GRP substrates.


One of the bottlenecks of such successful and rapid growth was the spray processing and finishing of furniture and GRP bath pods. Drying times, variation in ambient temperatures, types of specialist paints and lacquers etc, all contributed to a complex and unique production request.

Navrocki Layout_Shot7











Navrocki Layout_Shot9











With the Nawrocki production being split between both flat panel and 3D carcass production lines, they needed a flexible high-volume system capable of meeting the very highest quality levels of finishing.












Thankfully, after analysing the problems, running tests at another Polish customer, Schuberts had the answers!












A dedicated flash-off zone was designed to not only take wet product from the manual spray shop, but also to accept, via a special outfeed conveyor, wet product from an automatic panel spray machine.












This dual-use installation not only means that high volumes of product can be coated and cured in record time, but the quality is kept to its absolute maximum.

Once the product had ‘flashed-off’ the trolleys and carcasses are loaded into a Schubox gas catalytic IR curing system at 40c for around 30 mins.












After drying inside the Schubox, the products are removed, either de-nibbed for the next coat or sent directly to packaging.


What used to take 3 days, now takes hours….!


For more information on finishing systems, manual and automatic, email or for Poland email



Services and Trade Interiors and Contracting, Oman, High Gloss Systems Installed

A new Schuberts double installation has just been commissioned in Muscat, Oman.


This installation was designed for two separate finishing systems within the manufacturing site in Ruwi, Muscat.


Phase 1 featured ATEX rated open spray booths and custom ducting to atmosphere. These booths were fitted with Andreae high efficiency double layer filters. These open booths are used for primers, base coats, stains and satin finishes on GRP, glass, wood and plastic.


Phase 2 was a large complete water-wash stainless steel installation for solvent based gloss product onto wood, GRP and glass substrates.

The 6000mm x 7000mm spray enclosure has a double filtration system for the air into the spray zone. Firstly, air from outside the factory was filtered by an existing air handling system and then the air undergoes a further cleaning through capture and hold air input filters on top of the Schubert spray enclosure.


The paints and lacquers can be applied by up to 3 sprayers working on rotating tables, against a full water-wash extraction system. A cascade of water takes away the overspray with recirculated water flow into a base hopper tank for overspray capture. This system has a high capacity recirculated water flow with fresh water top-up system, allowing increased flow to the scrubber nozzles, whilst minimising the volume of water inside the water wash spray booth.



Lighting is provided by roof and wall 1000 lux blue/white flicker free sky-white lighting systems. This is the closest to natural light and perfect for the spray application of clear coats and pigmented paints onto a variety of substrates, including solid wood, veneers and glass.


All intermediate storage of paint tins is inside a special paint mix room, adjoining the spray enclosure. This features a bunded floor, ATEX lighting, ATEX heating and permanent extraction to atmosphere via an ATEX rated fan set and ducting. Also this paint kitchen features explosion relief panels and twin personnel doors for emergency escape routes.

Once sprayed inside the spray shop enclosure, the wet racks of product are transferred into a 12,000mm x 3000mm flash-off zone. This area is to allow the solvent vapours to ‘flash’ prior to being force cured in the Schubox drying system. The flash-off zone is fitted with filtered air input to ensure a clean zone. There are low level, full-length, extraction chambers, ATEX fans and ducting into the Schubox for oxidisation.


After flash-off (5 mins for water based, 10 mins for acid catalysed and 40 mins for high gloss PU), the products are placed inside the Schubox for drying and curing. The Schubox is a long-wave, gas catalytic infra red drying system, designed to run at low temperatures and cure wet coatings very quickly. This Schubox in Oman, runs at 40c and cures solvent polyurethanes in 45 minutes (compared to 2 days in the past!). The Schubox has filtered air input, air movement, full stainless steel construction and custom made infeed and outfeed doors.



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Progressive finishing lines incorporate ‘new way of thinking’

Schubert Technical Services, has recently installed and commissioned a radical new type of line to paint between 1600 and 2000 window components per day. The new high-speed line incorporates a totally new way of thinking for the window industry; each individual window component is painted in water-based primer in two passes at a line speed of 40mtmin, all around the product.

Schuberts Automatic Finishing in the UK

Automatic paint finishing systems through Schubert Technical Services Ltd
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High Speed Window Line Installed

New 40m/min (!) Window Component Finishing Line Commissioned at one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of windows.



Schuberts have just installed and commissioned a radical new type of finishing line to produce between 1600 and 2000 window components per shift.

The customer employs approximately 20,000 people worldwide and has manufacturing and distribution locations across the United States and in more than 20 countries, including multiple sites in the UK.

In the UK, the customer has approximately 1200 staff that produce and distribute quality doors, windows, patio doors and stairs. The new Schubert paint finishing system is a first in the UK.

The new high speed line incorporates a totally new way of thinking for the window industry; each individual window component is painted in water based white primer in 2 passes at a line speed of 40m/min, all around the product. Key areas such as joints, end grain and complex grooves have special attention.


The FPC spray machine is a specially designed unit with a full overspray recovery system for waterbased paints and random loading abilities. All of this at a speed totally unknown for the window industry.

The paint finishing line has the ability to accept random length, height and width product either in batches or single individual pieces. This new approach gives the line complete flexibility with zero set-up time between products.


The coatings are cured within 10 mins, which again is very quick for external waterbased paints, with WindJet hot air modules and laminar air movement.

Jeldwen (11)


Once coated, the window components are assembled and then top coat paint is applied on an overhead conveyor system.

Schubert supply a full range of paint finishing systems for joinery, wood, plastic and metal industries, including automatic spray machines.

For more information, email or call +44 1226 360900

Carlick’s Cat

39-40 SchubertCarlick2

Faster drying, less fibre raising, less denibbing, less paint removed, better quality finish and reduced paint costs – these are just some of the benefits Carlick Contracts has found its new Schubox flash-off and drying system is delivering.

The contract furniture industry is renowned for short lead times,” says Josh O’Donnell, Procurement Manager for Manchester-based Carlick Contract Furniture Ltd. “Whatever they want, they want it within days.” In our climate, that can be a problem for any company that’s finishing furniture with a lacquer. Carlick was no exception: sprayed product from half a dozen manual spray booths was being left to dry until it could be handled, then it was transferred to a conventional oven. “We were using a conventional oven that was warm air circulating,” admits Josh. “It’s a very, very slow process and it doesn’t cure the product fully. We were giving it two to three days before sending the product out.”

That was until Carlick bought a cat. And now everybody is purring about it, whatever the weather. Carlick’s cat is a custom-built flash-off and Schubox drying system which uses infra-red catalytic conversion to cure paint and lacquer. “It has helped us massively with regard to production,” says Josh. “We can get more through, quicker and with the peace of mind that there will be no come-backs because it’s fully cured when it comes out of the Schubox. Tops, it takes an hour to dry AC coatings. It’s a superb product.”

The new installation doesn’t just address the issue of curing time for Carlicks, it also reduces the likelihood of contamination and variations in paint quality. A dedicated flash-off room was designed and built in the spray shop area where wet sprayed product is loaded onto drying racks or low level trolleys. The flash-off is fitted with a pressurised air balance system which matches input air to extracted air volume. All incoming air is filtered to remove particulate and the solventladen extract air is fed into the modified Schubox catalytic infra-red drying system where it is neutralised. The permanent extraction system is set at low level to remove the VOC’s. Flash-off takes about 15 minutes, after which the racks are transferred into the edicated custom Schubox drying zone.

The Schubox is fitted with three gas catalytic heater panels that provide heat, long wave infra-red and air movement at a gentle 35-40oC. A dedicated control panel with an easy-to-use touch screen HMI serves the whole of the new installation from a central point.

The gas catalytic process is a chemical reaction that produces heat and long wave infra-red. The long wave infra-red technology inside the Schubox removes the water or solvent carrier quickly and efficiently at the fraction of the cost of traditional air drying methods. There is no spark, no flame, nor any form of combustion, therefore it is completely safe to use with solvent-based coatings. Single pack, two-pack, water-based and solvent-based products can all be used in the Schubox system in conjunction with either hand spray and automatic spraying machines.

Once removed from the Schubox, the cured product can either be denibbed in preparation for the next application, or sent for packing and dispatch. As the Schubox cures the product quickly, using low temperature, there is less fibre raise on the surface. Less fibre raise means less denibbing and of course, less denibbing means less paint is removed from the surface by sanding. This in turn gives a higher overall film build, a better quality finish and a very worthwhile reduction in paint costs.

“We’re absolutely delighted with the whole system,” adds Josh. “It’s a real blessing and Schuberts are fantastic to work with. The whole system was delivered and installed within six to eight weeks – very quick – and the service has been great. To be honest, I wish all our suppliers were like Schuberts.”

In addition to internationally acclaimed Schubox systems, Schuberts supply manual spray booths, spray enclosures, overhead joinery coating systems and the full range of Makor automatic coating machinery. For more information on how Schuberts can streamline your finishing bottlenecks, call 01226 360900 or email

Carlick Contract Furniture Ltd employs over 100 staff in its 85,000ft2 factory in northern Manchester and manufactures a range of both standard and custom restaurant and bar furniture.

Carlick Contract Furniture Ltd employs over 100 staff in its 85,000ft2 factory in northern Manchester and manufactures a range of both standard and custom restaurant and bar furniture.

The Schubox is fitted with three gas catalytic heater panels that provide heat, long wave infra-red and air movement at a gentle 35-40oC. A dedicated control panel with an easyto-use touch screen HMI serves the whole of the new installation from a central point

The Schubox is fitted with three gas catalytic heater panels that provide heat, long wave infra-red and air movement at a gentle 35-40oC. A dedicated control panel with an easyto-use touch screen HMI serves the whole of the new installation from a central point

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Perfect Schubox Weather!!!

Autumn is here, so time for your new Schubox gas catalytic IR drying system to be on order!!